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Your company’s secret weapon for reducing turnover, improving profit, and freeing up your team

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Your company’s performance is being dragged down by employee turnover. It’s time to do something about it.

With DailyPay Connect, you immediately reduce your employee turnover, improving both your company’s bottom line margin as well as the day-to-day workflow of your human resources and payroll teams. With the benefit of reduced turnover, your company saves on recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training. DailyPay Connect was built to integrate seamlessly with your your existing timekeeping and payroll system. You will love our simple, intuitive, and straightforward application.

DailyPay Connect is right for you if...

  • Your company has more than 200 employees

  • You typically hire more than 10 people per week

  • Your company has dedicated HR/Payroll resources

  • Be up and running in 3 days

  • No changes required to your current timekeeping and payroll system. For more information, read more here

  • All activity and reporting centralized in one single portal

  • Dedicated bilingual support for you and your employees

How your company saves


Annual Savings

  • $
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  • We brought on DailyPay to improve the lives of our employees, while the company benefits from those employees staying longer.

    Chief Financial Officer, Mt. Olympus

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