Even Happier Employees. Even Longer Employment. With DailyPay

DailyPay is an instant financial solution that lets your employees control the timing of when they get paid, empowering them to meet their financial goals. Employees who find financial security at your company stay even longer, reducing your turnover and improving bottom line profits.

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Great for Employees, Great for Business

  • 73% of DailyPay users say they are motivated to come to work.

  • Companies have seen, on average, a 41% reduction in turnover.

  • People are 1.9x more likely to apply for a job that pays daily than a job that pays weekly.

Watch how DailyPay helped TFC Logistics reduce turnover by offering our instant financial solution

How DailyPay works

  • Happy employees means less turnover

    Leads to job satisfaction and a proven increase in employee retention.

  • No cost to your company

    Really. The employee pays a small transfer fee when they access early pay. That’s it.

  • No change to your payroll process

    Integration is minimal and no changes required to your current payroll company, timing, or process.

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