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Reduce turnover and boost your bottom line profits

DailyPay provides an unprecedented solution for meaningfully reducing turnover and absenteeism by providing your employees access to pay before payday.

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Companies large and small enjoy the benefits of higher employee engagement through DailyPay

Boost profits while making your company the employer of choice

Employees are more engaged, more productive, and more focused when you reduce financial stress.

  • 73% of DailyPay users say they are motivated to come to work.

  • Companies have seen up to 38% reduction in turnover.

  • Absenteeism decreases by up to 26%.

How DailyPay works

  • Happy employees means less turnover

    Leads to job satisfaction and a proven increase in employee retention.

  • No cost to your company

    Really. The employee pays a small transfer fee when they receive cash. That’s it.

  • No change to your payroll process

    Integration is minimal and no changes required to your current payroll company, timing, or process.

DailyPay is here for you and your employees

  • Financial wellness for your employees

    Our platform teaches your employees how to spend wisely, pay bills on time, and avoid paying late fees.

  • Dedicated company support

    Call, email, DM, fax, or even visit our dedicated team in New York.

  • Deep partnership

    DailyPay helps you rollout this benefit to all your employees, ensuring maximum participation.

Benefit from a happier, focused, and engaged workforce

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