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  • Improve cash flow when you need it

    Grow your business with quick access to cash. Take advantage of vendor discounts, pay your staff, purchase supplies, and more.

  • Multiple platforms, one payment

    Receive one single payment across all of your delivery platforms for one single transfer fee.

  • No hidden fees

    It's free to sign up and there is only one single fee when we transfer you money.

  • Not a loan

    The money you receive from DailyPay is not a loan, but an acceleration of your earned online delivery sales.

Simple, flat pricing

  • $2.49

    per transfer up to $250

  • $5.99

    per transfer between $250 - $500

  • $9.99

    per transfer greater than $500

  • I use DailyPay like an ATM. When I’m a little short on cash in the register, I just hit a button and I get cash from the sales on platforms that I’ve already made.

    Uses DailyPay for Greenwich Street Tavern

DailyPay is here. For you.

  • New client check-ins

    We connect with every single person after the first payment just to check-in, say hello, and answer any questions.

  • Dedicated support

    Call, email, DM, fax, or even visit our dedicated team in New York.

  • Not a lender

    This is your money for sales you’ve already done. We are not a loan or Merchant Cash Advance company.

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