With DailyPay there is no change required to your timekeeping or payroll system, or the way you fund payroll

Offering DailyPay takes just a few simple steps

We handle all the hard work - so you can focus on running your business

  • Onboarding

    Tell your employees about DailyPay so they can use the service - we help you with the communication

  • Timekeeping

    We connect to your timekeeping system to determine how much and employee works. We then convert the raw hours to an available balance.

  • Payroll

    Once an employee opts in, we connect to your payroll so that the early transfers are automatically deducted from the final paycheck.

Products to fit any company

  • DailyPay Advantage

    Our simple, intuitive, and straightforward platform designed for the company or business owner who doesn't have time to learn another complex system

  • DailyPay Connect

    A combination of simplicity and efficiency, DailyPay Connect allows you to perform all actions in bulk, saving time and energy while gaining all the results

  • Dailypay Connect+

    Integrate with DailyPay API or use your own. Connect+ is the ideal product for large organizations that want to automate all actions

We connect to ANY payroll system that supports Direct Deposit and ANY timekeeping system that can report earnings or hours.

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