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  • Make more money driving

    Need gas? Car maintenance? We know that unexpected expenses happen. Take care of your financial needs immediately and get back on the road.

  • Multiple platforms, one payment

    We're guessing you drive for multiple companies. Receive one single payment across all of your jobs for one single transfer fee.

  • No hidden fees

    It's free to sign up and there is only one single fee when we transfer you money.

  • Not a loan

    The money you receive from DailyPay is not a loan, but an acceleration of your earned wages.

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  • I had a light bill that needed to be paid on Monday, but payday wasn't until Wednesday and then I remembered I had DailyPay. I had money in my bank account when I needed it and was able to pay my bill without the lights turning off.

    Uses DailyPay for Rideshare and Delivery Earnings

Simple, flat pricing

We combine your earnings across multiple platforms and send you one payment.

  • $1.25

    starting transfer fee

DailyPay is here. For you.

  • New client check-ins

    We connect with every single person after the first payment just to check-in, say hello, and answer any questions.

  • Dedicated support

    Call, email, DM, fax, or even visit our dedicated team in New York.

  • No more late fees

    Use DailyPay to pay bills on time and avoid late fees on rent, electric, phone, and other bills.

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