Receive cash tomorrow for your delivery and rideshare earnings!

Driving is a great job. DailyPay wants to make it even better.

DailyPay puts cash in your bank account each day for the fares you earned that day. No more waiting until next Wednesday. As one of our important clients, you receive cash the same day you drive. There is no paperwork, no contract, and no hidden fees.

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DailyPay works for drivers

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The Rideshare Guy loves DailyPay

"DailyPay has been insanely popular with my audience with thousands of drivers signing up and now being able to get paid daily! I especially like their new integrations with delivery services since it allows savvy drivers to maximize their profits by driving for different companies but still getting one payment at the end of each day. I'm happy to partner with DailPay because they are providing a valuable service for drivers and helping their bottom line." - Harry Campbell, Owner and founder of The Rideshare Guy Blog and Podcast


"Signing up for DailyPay was so simple. It took me less than 2 minutes and now I get my cash every day. I signed up while at JFK." - Harsh, New York

"You can't beat this. I'm so glad DailyPay decided to do this for drivers. There's nothing better than cash every day"- Jeremy, New Jersey

Who We Are

Just like you, we are independent operators and are not employed by or affiliated with any platform. That’s the way we (and you) like it. Freedom to make your own hours, freedom to be your own boss, and freedom to receive your own money.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clients in 46 States, Used 547,263 Times (and Counting)

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